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for lasting health & wellbeing

At INNER SMILE YOGA & HEALTH we are advocates of breath-centred, mindful movement. Our aim is not to make you sweat or let you perform the perfect pretzel. We want to help you restore best possible natural movement, experience lightness in your body and find comfort outside your comfort zone.

You don't need to be fit and flexible to join our classes.

All you need to do is breathe...

BREATHE consciously. MOVE mindfully. BE listening.


Our FOUNDATIONS class is not only ideal for those who are completely new to yoga but also a great opportunity for all to revisit the basics.

For Beginners

Due to the slower pace of our classes, your body gets a chance to switch from "fight or flight" to the often neglected "recovery" mode.

Less Stress & More Vitality

"Slow" does not equal "easy". Slowing down and holding poses is a challenge for most of us. But this is when you build strength, focus & resilience!

Strength & Focus

THAI YOGA BODYWORK is for all who don't feel like visiting a class or suffer from persistent tension. We do the work - you just breathe & be moved!

Deep Relaxation

Our PRE & POSTNATAL YOGA classes help you find calm and comfort in your ever-changing body and assist you with recovery after birth. 

For Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Research has shown that spending time in nature helps your body heal in many ways. That's why our specialy is yoga outdoors: Try BEACH YOGA!

Nature for Health


Need A Mat?

Durable, non-toxic yoga mats, mat bags, yoga blocks & more to enhance your practice.

For New Students

14 days. All classes. No limit.

Only $29

All Classes & Pricing

Timetable, class details, pricing & packages. Book classes right here  or through the Mindbody app.

Yoga 247

Helpful articles, resources & practice ideas. Accessible 24/7, at home or on the go.