At Inner Smile Yoga & Health we specialise in Kundalini Yoga & Hatha Yoga.

While Kundalini Yoga is incredibly beneficial for stress relief/ stress management, our Hatha Yoga classes can help with postural issues, muscular tension, joint mobility and over-all strength. Choose you favourites below!

Join us at our studio (ST) or per live stream (LS) or head over to our video-on-demand library!



Perfect for stress management and balancing all systems! The moves and poses of Kundalini Yoga are largely different to those of Hatha-based yoga. Rhythm is essential, be it in form of repetitive movements or rhythmic breathing in longer holds. In Kundalini yoga, we permanently practise breath, movement, focus, and mudras (hand positions) in one go, which affects body and mind on multiple levels. The reciting of (short) mantras may also be part of the class, either silently or spoken aloud.


All classes are beginner friendly as each student can move at their own pace and level of intensity and may rest in-between.

Intensity: gentle – strong (depending on how far you would like to take it)

Level: all; experienced students are invited to increase pace or try more challenging variations where suitable


NOT ONLY FOR BEGINNERS! This class is perfect for all who are new to yoga but also for those who would like to deepen their knowledge. Each week, we explore one aspect of yoga in more depth & detail so that you get a better understanding of the different techniques and how you can modify them to suit your needs and abilities.

Intensity: gentle – medium

Level: all; experienced students are invited to explore more challenging variations


The ideal class after a long and exhausting day/week or to balance an intense workout regimen. Let go of built-up tension with calming breath work, gentle, oftentimes Feldenkrais-inspired moves and restorative positions that allow your body to switch into its much-needed “rest & digest” mode.


Intensity: gentle

Level: all; if you are a very active person and struggle with stillness, you may first try “Reset & Balance”

HATHA YOGA - Release & Unwind (ST/LS)

HATHA YOGA - Reset & Balance (ST)

The perfect allrounder. With a focus on over-all mobility and postural alignment this class includes both toning and relaxing elements along with breath work. The aim is to bring your body back into a balanced, neutral state, your “centre”, from which you can easily go either way.


Intensity: gentle - medium

Level: beginner-friendly; experienced students are invited to explore more challenging variations

HATHA YOGA - Rise & Shine (ST/LS)

Join us for an invigorating morning class that helps you wake up your systems, detoxify your body and sharpen your mind so that you are well-prepared for the day to come. Incorporating both, rhythmic moves and longer holds, we move the entire body from head to toe.

Intensity: medium

Level: all levels; absolute beginners ideally visit some "Foundation" sessions before.

HATHA YOGA - Strength & Focus (ST)

"Strength & Focus" is a stronger Hatha class that offers more advanced variations of the common shapes. Longer holds add to the challenge and can turn even a "simple" pose into an unexpectedly intense experience. Staying focused is the key!

Intensity: medium - strong

Level: Basic knowledge of the most common moves or some experience in group fitness/Pilates is helpful; absolute beginners please visit "Foundations" or a gentler class first.

BEACH YOGA (Hatha/Kundalini)

An invigorating morning practice with a view: In the summer months (October - March), the early morning classes become "Beach Yoga" as we practise outdoors on Altona Beach. Be surprised how different the same practice feels on uneven ground and being exposed to the elements! Watching the sunrise alone is an incredible experience, but in combination with yoga it’s just unbeatable!

In case of rain or strong winds and in the winter months we move indoors so that you can maintain a consistent practice.


Our Prenatal yoga classes are designed to meet the needs and challenges of mums-to-be in all stages of pregnancy and include both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

While Hatha yoga has a focus on good posture and healthy movement habits, Kundalini Yoga is particularly helpful for stress relief, focus and a positive mindset. We address common issues such as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Disorder) or back pain, and practise various moves and breathing techniques that can be helpful during labour.

Intensity: gentle – medium

Level: all; no previous yoga experience required


For new mums – babies welcome! Our Postnatal Yoga aims to rebuild strength and confidence in your body and establish healthy movement habits in everyday life. Although targeting “hot spots” like pelvic floor and core strength, we favour a holistic approach that includes conscious breathing, rhythmic movement, and mindfulness techniques. The class is mainly rooted in Hatha Yoga, but we also include Kundalini Yoga & Meditation which is incredibly helpful for stress relief and developing a positive mindset.

Mamas who have already practised a few weeks of Postnatal Yoga are invited to explore stronger variations until you feel ready to move on to regular classes, or just stay with us for as long as you wish.

Intensity: gentle – medium

Level: all; no yoga experience needed; safe for all new mums from 4-6 weeks after birth or when all wounds have healed

YOGA BITES (Kundalini/Hatha) (ST/LS)

Need a pick-me-up at lunchtime? Join us from anywhere – online per live stream!

“Yoga Bites” are short, 30-minute Kundalini/Hatha Yoga sessions that are perfect for recharging your systems and refocussing half-way through the day. Sessions include a breathing practice, a short set that is covering a different topic each time, and a few minutes of relaxation or meditation.

Intensity: gentle – medium/strong (experienced Kundalini students may increase the pace where appropriate)

Level: all; experienced students are invited to try more challenging variations



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