is based on Yin Yoga as taught by its founder Paul Grilley. Decadent long holds allow for deep relaxation of both muscles and fasciae (connective tissue), reaching layers of the body that are usually not targeted by other practices. The long holds of Yin Yoga promote increased blood circulation in the deep tissues which significantly improves their flexibility and healing abilities.


A great choice for those who would like to balance a demanding job or lifestyle, stronger yoga practices or intense workouts. Enjoy the rare opportunity to slow down and just BE!


is traditional, moderately paced Hatha Yoga. The focus is on moving mindfully with the breath and exploring the different aspects of each pose in slightly longer holds of 1-2 minutes. This helps you find the best possible alignment for your body, improve posture and move more efficiently and safely on and off the mat. 


Due to the slower pace this class is great for beginners who want to learn the foundations of yoga, but it is also a great allrounder for those who like to tone the body without rush.

BREATHE & ALIGN (Hatha Yoga)

Utilizing breath, movement, mental focus, mudras (hand gestures) and sound Kundalini yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan helps release tension from even the deepest layers of the body, balance the nervous system, boost brain and glandular activity and build mental strength. While the exercises/postures seem to be simple at first sight, the challenge lies in staying focused while holding the same position or moving repetitively for several minutes. Thus, the mind eventually comes to a hold and makes room for your true self to shine through. 

Since the moves are quite different to Hatha-based yoga, it may take a few attempts until you feel fully comfortable with this style. Despite its complexity, Kundalini yoga is suitable for all levels including beginners.


Our carefully designed Prenatal yoga classes guide you safely through all stages of pregnancy. No matter if you start early or well into your third trimester, we support you on your journey, offering a safe space to breathe, move and nurture your ever-changing body. ​Based on both personal experience (we have 4 kids!) and research, and drawing from different yoga traditions, our classes aim to prepare you for a confident and calm birth and a smooth transition into motherhood.

No previous yoga experience required. Find more detailed information about the class content HERE.


POSTNATAL YOGA for mums & bubs

Our Postnatal yoga courses are especially designed for the needs of new mums from approx. 4-6 weeks postpartum (when all wounds are healed). In a friendly, non-competitive environment you are encouraged to nurture your post-birth body, honour your emotions, and take your time to build solid foundations for lasting physical and mental strength.

Over 6 weeks we work on toning the pelvic floor and abs, mobilising and stabilising the spine and the hips and releasing tension from the always tight neck/shoulder area. Repeat this course as many times as you like until you feel ready to move on to another style or practice.


For details about the class content and course dates please click HERE.


An invigorating morning practice with a view: In the summer months (October - March), the early morning classes become "Beach Yoga" as we practise outdoors on Altona Beach. Be surprised how different the same practice feels on uneven ground and being exposed to the elements! Watching the sunrise alone is an incredible experience, but in combination with yoga it’s just unbeatable!

In case of rain or strong winds and in the winter months we move indoors so that you can maintain a constant practice.


Challenge your balance and take your yoga practice from solid ground onto the water!


Yoga on a paddleboard may throw you back to the very basics: As the board is permanently moving under your feet/hands you’ll train muscles you never thought you had and re-discover long-forgotten details of even the most familiar poses. As a result, your on-land practice will become so much better!

Warning: SUP yoga is extremely addictive!!!

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