"yoga for the lazy" 

Thai Yoga Massage (thai: nuad phaen boran, also known as Traditional Thai Massage or Thai boran) combines elements of yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

According to old scriptures the technique was developed by Buddha’s personal physician about 500 years before Christ. Due to the spread of Buddhism, the yoga massage reached Thailand approximately 300 BC and became then “Traditional Thai Massage”.


Unfortunately, in modern times Thai Massage is often thought to be a sexual treatment, which it is definitely NOT! Instead, it is a wonderful method to achieve deep relaxation and activate the body’s own self-healing powers.


Thai Yoga Massage works along the energy lines (meridians) within the human body which are stimulated by passive yoga poses and slow, but still dynamic pressure massage. After a complete massage you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed. Many common issues such as high muscle tension, headaches, back & joint pain or digestion problems can be reduced or even healed.


During the massage no oils are used; the client keeps their clothes on (comfortable clothing suites best).



60 minutes:

$75/session  | $329/5-session pass (valid 6 months)  | $629/10-session pass (valid 9 months)


90 minutes:

$105/session | $469/5-session pass (valid 6 months)  | $xxx /10-session pass (valid 9 months)




Get Thai Yoga Bodywork at your home or workplace! We only need a clear space of approx. 3x3m for our futon and equipment. For appointments please contact us on 0411 169 072. Additional fees apply, depending on location. Mobile massage is limited to Hobsons Bay Suburbs, Sanctuary Lakes and Point Cook. FEMALE CLIENTS ONLY!

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