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Easy to learn, extremely beneficial for the body!

Fridays, 6:30-7:45pm

Tibetan Yoga is much older than any other yoga practice that we know. It is most likely the "mother" of all yoga! Similar to what we now know from Ayurveda, ancient Tibetan monks developed movement practices to maintain good health and support healing. A great focus is on syncronizing the movements with the breath, making use of our body's internal pressure systems and activating muscular chains all over the body.

While there are different types of Tibetan yoga, we mainly focus on a simplified form that is easy to learn for all, including absolute beginners. The practice always includes a set of 5 standing moves, which is followed by exercises from one or more movement groups that focus on joint and spinal mobility, the organs, or common health impairments.

Suitable for all, including beginners and those with moderate mobility restrictions. All seated moves can be practiced while sitting on a chair or a large bolster.

Try it yourself - you will be surprised!

Tibetan Yoga
Postnatal | 6-week program
Postnatal course.png

A 6-week Program for New Mums & Bubs

Next Course: TBA
NOW FRIDAYS, 11:15am-12:15pm!

FOR NEW MUMS FROM APPROX. 4-6 WEEKS POSTPARTUM (when all wounds are healed)

  • learn healthy breathing and movement patterns that support postpartum recovery

  • build solid foundations for future activities (yoga, gym, running, ...)

  • prevent/minimise postural issues

This program includes 

  • 6 in-person sessions at the studio (livestream option if you can't join in person)

  • weekly practice ideas for your home practice (collated as a brochure at the end of the course)

  • access to short practice videos  | Read more >> 


INVESTMENT: $199  |  Babies welcome!

Yoga + Brekkie

Breathe, Move, Chant & Eat

Next Date: TBA |  6:00 - 8:30am 

"Sadhana" is a personal spiritual practice in which you take time to connect to your Self, reflecting on your individual needs and desires, strengths and challenges. 

Sadhana in a group takes your individual practice to the next level: as you are not disturbed by any distractions, you can totally immerse yourself in the activities and may reach depths and insights that would require a lot of dedicated practice alone. This experience can be enourmously helpful for keeping you on track or to (re-)ignite your spark!

Different to a regular yoga class or a meditation session, the "Aquarian Sadhana" consists of three parts:

6:00am - Reading of a spiritual text

6:20am - Breathwork & Kundalini Yoga set

7:20am - Chanting of the "Aquarian" Mantras

8:30am - Finish

After the session, you are invited to stay and connect with other participants over a cup of tea and a light breakfast.

You don't have to have a regular routine yet. Just come and enjoy!



$25 | drop-in

FREE for yoga members

Please book by 12pm the day before so that we can prep food and tea accordingly.

NOTE: We require a minimum of 3 confirmed bookings to run the event! 


Womens Circle.png

A Women's Circle

Next Gathering: TBA  |  7:30pm - 9:30pm

This is an opportunity to gather with women of all ages with the intention of creating stronger bonds between women throughout the west.

We engage in conscious conversation and group activities that are revolving around a monthly theme.

The session typically includes a group meditation and journaling, and is concluded by a closing ceremony.


Fresh fruit & tea provided. | BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.


For detailed information, please contact

Renae Sharma (email:; IG: @sacredrae) or Angela (IG: @angelathealchemist).

Women's Circle
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