Empowering mamas to take care of their body in pregnancy, birth & beyond through a unique combination of holistic movement, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga.


For all stages of pregnancy - beginners welcome!

From the moment of conception to the day of birth your body will be changing EVERY day - ranging from subtle hormonal changes to growing the visible baby bump. This means stress for your body and can result in musculo-skeletal issues which may cause discomfort and pain. Mental challenges like mood swings - often related to hormonal imbalances - or episodes of anxiety are also common in pregnancy.

Our Prenatal yoga classes are designed to meet the needs and challenges of mums-to-be in all stages of pregnancy and include both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, combined with a modern take on holistic movement.

While Hatha yoga has a focus on good posture and healthy movement habits, Kundalini Yoga is particularly helpful for stress relief, focus and a positive mindset. We address common issues such as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Disorder) or back pain, and practise various moves and breathing techniques that can be helpful during labour.

Intensity: gentle – medium

Level: all; no previous yoga experience required. In case of existing health conditions, please consult with your doctor first and inform us before attending the class.

Class times: Saturdays, 11am - 12:15pm (in-studio only)

Investment: $25/session; for more pricing options please GO HERE >


For new mums – babies welcome!

After giving birth, your body needs time to recover. The saying "9 months it comes, 9 months it goes" is pretty close to reality!

When re-training your body after having your baby it is important to start with the very basics and build up gradually. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding, and being exhausted from caring for your newborn 24/7 are stressors that can affect your recovery enormously on many levels.

Our Postnatal Yoga aims to rebuild strength and confidence in your body and establish healthy movement habits in everyday life. Although targeting “hot spots” like pelvic floor and core strength, we favour a holistic approach that includes conscious breathing, rhythmic movement, and mindfulness techniques. The class is mainly rooted in Hatha Yoga, but we also include Kundalini Yoga & Meditation which is incredibly helpful for stress relief and developing a positive mindset.


Mamas who have already practised a few weeks of Postnatal Yoga are invited to explore stronger variations until you feel ready to move on to regular classes, or just stay with us for as long as you wish.

Intensity: gentle – medium

Level: all; no yoga experience needed; safe for all new mums from 4-6 weeks after birth or when all wounds are healed.

In case of existing health conditions please consult with your doctor first and inform us before attending the class.

Class times: Tuesdays, 11am - 12:00pm (in-studio only) & Thursdays, 11am - 11:45am (online LIVE)

Investment: $25/session (in-studio), $10/session (virtual); for more pricing options please GO HERE >



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