yoga for pregnancy, birth & beyond 

Pregnancy and motherhood are extraordinary, life-changing periods in a woman's life. Despite the joys there are numerous challenges as well!

One of our greatest desires is to support YOU during this transformative time by sharing all the tools and techniques we found most helpful on our own journey.


Over 18 months (or more) the female body changes EVERY day - growing over nine months and "shrinking" afterwards. The ongoing changes to the muscular-skeletal system, weight gain and hormonal changes can cause a lot of physical instability and discomfort.

Although you may still be able to follow a normal yoga class in the first weeks of Pregnancy we strongly recommend to switch to a specialised prenatal yoga practice that helps stabilising your weakened joints and pelvis and avoids strain on your abdomen. Specific breathing and meditation techniques help to stay calm and empowered. Did you know? Women who have practiced modified yoga in pregnancy have been found to heal better after giving birth!

You may also find yourself confronted with mental problems. Those are partly caused by the physical and hormonal changes during that time when many women don't feel comfortable in their own body. On the other hand you will come to the stage when you realize that from now on your entire life will be different. This insight can have a massive effect on a woman's psyche! Changing moods, anxiety and even depression can be the result.


Pre & Postnatal yoga can help in many ways. A regular practice


  • eases pain by stretching and toning the muscles & realigning the joints

  • reconnects yourself with your body and your natural powers

  • calms the mind & fights anxiety by practising conscious breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques

  • prepares body and mind for birth

  • has incredible social values as you meet fellow mums-to-be and new mums and can excange experiences.

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